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Under Armour Golf - The New Clothing Era

Undeniably, golf is now entering a new era of high end goals and competitive players. Gone are the days of leisure, now comes a sport built on accuracy and robust wit. Now golfers think different and stronger.

While golf balls and clubs play a vital role, garments are highly criticized by the meticulous golfer. From shirts to trousers and accessories, they assure quality, functionality and of course design.

The new era to clothing

The world was stunned as a new era of apparels hit the golf garments market. It's not the typical heavy weight clothes made out of wool / cotton. Instead, it is a body fit armor which clings on to your skin in a lightweight disposition.

Under Armour Golf is the latest brand to enter the golf industry. Known as the tough tight-fit football, basketball, and track gear manufacturer, they have introduced a new manner of clothing.

The design is simple but chic. Made from PolyArmour, a type of polyester, Under Armour Golf is an elastic, tight fitting wear enabling the golfer to move freely. The fabric stretches up to four ways delivering a better maneuver and performance.

Hunter Mahan shocked critiques when he went to tours with this material. And amazingly, he proved his point. Compared to yesterday's icons, today's golfers swing to 300 yards at average.

Though body fit, Under Armour Golf is surprisingly breathable. It has incorporated a stretch moisture management and UPF protection when under the sun. And of course it's wrinkle free.

All collections are available for men and women in both heat gear and cold gear.

Tight fitting success

While there are still some who raises their brows to this new apparel, there are those who firmly believe its grave contribution to a hole in one. A tedious athlete always assures he is free to perform at his peak anytime and any place or any weather.