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The Nike Dunk Pro Low Hello Kitty

The Nike Dunk Pro Low Hello Kitty is arguably one of the lowest lying members of the Nike Dunk family. It belongs to the 'Nike Dunks for women' family of products, whose other members include the Nike Air Force 1 High Premium Mica, the Nike Women's Dunk Low Premium and the WNS Nike Dunks Low Flower, to name but a few of the members of this quite extensive family. To say that I have gotten enchanted with the Nike Dunk Pro Low Hello Kitty since I got to use it would probably be an understatement.

As the name suggests, the Nike Pro is quite a low lying dunk, which is to say that it doesn't have a notable elevation between its lowest point and its highest point. To be sure, though, the shoe is slightly elevated from the ground level, thanks to its considerably thick sole - and it is this elevation that qualifies it for classification as a Nike Dunk. The sole itself is grey, with the signature Nike tick of course, but it is painted cream white on the upper parts of it that are viewed as part of the 'shoe proper,' though a grey 'hint' of the sole still shows up on the back-most and front-most parts of the shoe. It is also notable that these shoes, while a low lying dunk by design, is not absolutely bereft of any form of 'illusion of height' - given that the tongue of the shoe does rise to quite a considerable height at the point where it gets into contact with the shaft of the foot, towards the center of the shoe.

To imbue the feminine effect, Nike opts to make use of a pink shoe lace as the tying mechanism for these dunks. A hint of pink, too, can be perceived at various other isolated spots on the shoe, including at the point where the front part of the shoe's main body meets the uppermost (white painted) part of the sole; as well as on the uppermost part of the shoe's lining.

You can point out the signature Nike tick at three different parts of the Low Hello Kitty. As mentioned earlier, if you care to look beneath the shoe, you will see the Nike tick, the classic version of it, embossed on the sole. More conspicuous, though, is the Nike tick on the body of the Low Hello Kitty, which starts somewhere towards the center of the shoe, and as with most new Nike products, goes all the way to the back of the shoe; then all the way round to emerge on the opposite side of the dunk. The third Nike Tick on the Nike Dunk Pro Kitty can be seen on the shoe's tongue, that is, at the highest point of the shoe height-wise, where the shoe's main body meets the shaft of the foot with the uppermost section of the shoe's tongue.