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Gratitude Revisited

I know one thing I achieved this year and it's something I want to revisit.


You probably remember when we talked about this back in September. I mentioned how I'd expanded my gratitude which I work on each day to include a written copy and it includes negative issues as well. What I'd like to do is check in on what we talked about and reinforce a couple of things.

You see, we underestimate what we are and who we are, we underestimate just what we can achieve. What I've discovered over the month or so since we talked about gratitude is how far I've moved and what I've discovered about myself since I expanded my gratitude list.

The challenge is noticing the change. Small things like changes within ourselves are difficult to monitor, so you have to be fairly aware of where you're at.

Let me give you an example.

One of the things I did in expanding my gratitude list was to use someone else as a boost to hold me accountable. I have an agreement with a friend and we exchange our lists with one another every morning. There are a couple of important rules we adhere to, one being that we will never disclose what we read to anyone else and a second is we don't talk about issues in the email unless invited to do so. So it's a bit of closed book.

The other thing I did was to have gratitude for negative crappy things in my life as well as the good things.

This is where my real growth has come from. For instance, I used to get anxious about being lazy or idle through the day. So I worked on this in my gratitude list and I now find myself being grateful for just, well, 'being', whether I'm reading book, listening to music, going for a coffee (which I'm doing as I write this) or hanging out with a friend for that bit too long.

Well guess what? My anxiety disappeared, it's gone and I seem to be getting more done in my day. Weird stuff this, and it all came about through concentrating on and looking at the good stuff associated with my anxiety.

What I found interesting in the process was that I didn't actually need to examine the anxiety in any depth at all. I just accepted that it was there, had gratitude for what that anxiety was doing to me and let my subconscious do the rest.

Call to Action.

Revisit what you have gratitude for. Check it out every day. Make it simple, like the sounds of the birds, the beautiful day, your comfortable bed, your great job or business, your family etc.

Then think about something not so positive. Perhaps it's those harsh words your partner said to you, (or you said to your partner); that you are anxious about getting everything done today; that you were late picking up your friend or child; anything that challenges you. You might find yourself revisiting it every day for a few days or week and that's okay, stay with it. Most importantly, just accept that it's something that will disappear.

Sounds too easy doesn't it? That's because it is easy, most of this stuff is. We humans have a great habit of making things too hard.

Have the best outstanding day without anxiety.

I am.