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Buy a Pair of Geox Kids Shoes For Your Child

Geox is the leading Italian brands that manufacture kids' shoes and they have reasons to grab that position. In fact, Italy has always been famous for gifting the world with some of the best manufacturers of designer shoes. Apart from style, the shoe makers from Italy seem to have excelled others in term of quality and comfort as well. No wonder therefore, that most of the parents look for the Italian brands to buy a pair of shoes for their children. And as Geox stands right at the top of this list, there is enough reason why this brand is so much preferred by them.

The first and the foremost feature of the Geox kids shoes is their unbelievable comfort. These shoes are designed in such a way that the kids don't get tired of them even after a very long time. To make the shoes comfortable, the brand uses the micron tissues that ventilate air within the shoe. Therefore, the feet of the children stay dry and they enjoy wearing the shoe for long. Thus, the brand seems to lead the way in terms of comfort.

For those who always look for reputation before deciding over a brand, Geox has some points to make as well. The brand was established by the legendary shoe maker Mario Moretti Polegato. One day, he was jogging round the park when he felt tired and discomfort with his shoes. Suddenly the idea came to his mind to design a shoe that will circulate air. Thus, he began the new trend and eventually discovered the trademark designs of ventilated shoes - something that is at its best in Geox. In fact, this is the main factor that have fetched them reputation across the globe.

At the initial stage Polegato punched a few holes in his shoes to activate the ventilation process in these shoes. Soon, he realized the good results gained from this experimentation. Because of the holes, the accumulated sweat inside the shoes gets evaporated soon and the feet remained dry. So, he realized that the ventilation is an essential factor that should be there in every shoe. However, he kept on researching on this subject and improved the technology and eventually launched the Geox. Thanks to Polegato, a new breed of shoes was born and they could breathe.

However, the micro porous membrane that has given these shoes such a unique identity, serves another purpose as well. Thanks to them, the shoes are soft and therefore, comfortable to wear. Also, the shoes use a special type of rubber that offers huge pressure support adding to the comfort of the shoes.